Modern Quilt Group
Free Pattern - Shimmering Cot Quilt

This has been our most popular little pattern - all on the back of a postcard - I plan to make more like this...

You need 1 pack of 5-inch charm squares - mine had about 40 pieces. Keep 29 aside and cut the rest into 1-inch strips

Cut 48 background squares, plus some 1-inch strips for inserts (white here) about 1 metre of fabric Make the blocks

Cut off a corner from one square with a ruler and cutter. Make it different each time, not too big, from one side to the adjoining one. Sew a 1-inch strip to the larger piece. Press. Trim the ends of the strip to match, then add the smaller piece. The block should not change size if your seams are 1/4 inch.

Some coloured blocks have white inserts; some white have coloured inserts; some coloured blocks have coloured inserts.. Play...

If need be, trim the blocks (try not to)

Set in 11 rows of 7, press seams alternate ways, sew rows together, press again.

Layer, quilt, bind, snuggle...

This quilt has a Flange Binding

Approx 46 by 32 inches finished...

Pattern and quilt by Helen Howes
for the Modern Quilt Group
of The Quilters' Guild of the British Isles