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Free Tutorial - "Nice Inside" Purse by Helen Howes - Page 1

Nice Inside Purses - I want to have things neat, and this is that..
First, make a little quilted piece, or start with a stiffish fabric and a lining. I use odd blocks and sampler pieces to make these, and they are good for using up those nice small leftover blocks... The piece should be about twice as long as it is wide, but the overall dimensions are elastic. The smallest purses can be made from a piece about 4 by 8 inches, and I have made really big ones.. A good size to start with is about 6 by 12 inches. Quilt or fuse the outer just to the wadding if you are doing this, then cut the lining to exactly the same size. You also need a nylon zip, which can be a bit long..
And thread.. And I tend to assume sewing-machines, but you can make these by hand

Cut the sides parallel and the ends square Put the zip foot on your machine Take your zip, and open it.. Pin the zip tape to the right side of short edge of the purse with the teeth towards the inside and the tape at the open end meeting the side.
The zip slider should face the outer fabric.

Pin, then add the lining to enclose the zip and sew all three layers as close to the teeth of the zip as you can without catching said teeth... Or sewing on top of the pins...

Repeat this at the opposite end of the purse.

Close the zip a little so that the slider is just inside the purse. Fold the outer and inner as shown and pin along the sides..
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